How HubSpot Benefits SaaS Companies Consistently Every Year

So, you’ve been met with the complexities of marketing your SaaS company and you’ve begun the search for an answer to all your problems.

Given their plethora of content, that search inevitably led you to the integrated marketing platform, HubSpot. But is it the magic bullet it appears to be and does HubSpot really benefit SaaS companies?

The short answer is: yes.

But let’s look at the reasons why. And remember, there’s an implicit benefit to all of this too, because of the multiple ways in which HubSpot helps to generate SaaS revenue through one interface, (outlined below) as opposed to using six or seven disparate tools as well as the courses HubSpot offers. Some of them are short and others can take up to eight hours to complete (if taking notes).

So let’s get into it.

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1. Lead source optimisation


You need to put your marketing budget where the money is. That’s true for any business, but it’s especially important for a SaaS company that’s against the clock to break even on investment capital and hit growth targets to justify another round of funding. Search engines are your best friend when it comes to marketing. So, investing in a solid inbound marketing process that has content at its core is non-negotiable.

You know your customers are out there, and HubSpot is excellent at providing data to show you exactly where. Whether it’s one or several of the various social media channels, or any other traffic source, you can reach them all and then find out which converts best.

When you know where your customers are, you know how to optimise your marketing for the appropriate channels that pull in the strongest results for you while improving customer satisfaction as you'll provide value.

You don’t just find leads; you find the right leads that both convert and stick around for the long run, reducing churn, and increasing your average customer lifetime value.

Learn about what we as a Certified Hubspot Agency can do for you. 

2. HubSpot facilitates your SaaS user onboarding

You know your user onboarding is important. But, in this nascent field, many SaaS companies are still finding their feet.

In addition to building onboarding patterns into your interface, email onboarding should be an important addition to your processes. As a marketing automation tool, the HubSpot CRM system excels at this task. Especially because it can gather data on customer activity.

When people start to forget the fantastic value your marketing efforts and material persuaded them on in the first place, engagement goes down. When that happens, through the HubSpot CRM platform you know about it, and a gentle email tip can be sent reminding your customers about why they were fired up about your product in the first place.

This makes it easy to encourage them back for more, increasing the chances they get hooked on your SaaS and convert into an opportunity to upsell to a higher pricing package.


3. “Smart Content” to increase your SaaS lead capture


The key to improving conversion rates from visitor to trial signup and from signup to paying user, is persuading potential customers of the difference your product can make to their lives.

The problem? Everyone’s different. It’s particularly a problem for your marketing, because it means one size does not fit all. And, when you try to force it, these important conversion metrics begin to drop.

HubSpot’s Smart Content feature shifts content dynamically depending on the visitor, targeting to speak directly to their needs. Whether it’s HTML, rich text, signup forms or calls to action (CTAs), content can be tweaked according to:

  • Customer location
  • The type of device content is viewed on
  • Stage of the buying process or funnel
  • Customer location
  • Buyer personas and other aspects of lead segmentation

That means your marketing team is infinitely more capable of squeezing greater potential from each marketing pound spent, transforming it into higher monthly recurring revenue.


4. Hubspot requires no technical skills (well almost none)


When you work in an industry where development time is so precious, the last thing you need is your marketing team nagging your dev team with technical problems so they can be told to “turn it off and on again”.

Over the years, HubSpot has made their interface incredibly accessible, and improvements are constant.

Around 95% of the marketing work can be done by your marketing team, even if they’re not technically inclined. Just about the only thing your developers might need to get involved with is API integration or website development. So nothing new there.

That means your developers can focus on what they do best. And conversations between marketing and dev teams can be left to the kind of qualitative feedback that helps with product market fit and the crucial arguments about who’s got the more important job.


5. Integrated content marketing for SaaS through HubSpot


Content marketing is an excellent fit with the SaaS business model. Because SaaS products are typically made to make a difference to people’s lives, there’s great synergy with useful, actionable content written for the same purpose.

The issue with content marketing is that it’s a deceptively multifaceted process that doesn’t begin and end with creating videos or blog posts. You need to consider:

  • Variations for different buyer personas and audience demographics
  • On-page and off-page search engine optimisation
  • How the content fits in and performs with your keyword strategy
  • Relevant and A/B-tested Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Ensuring CTAs are responsive so leads on mobile devices get captured
  • Reader engagement metrics that help steer and improve content direction
  • Promotion strategies (such as social media)
  • How each piece of content fits with your marketing funnel as a whole

And this brings us to the last reason of how HubSpot benefits SaaS companies. 

Because, it takes care of all of these in one place, helping to optimise the return on investment from your content by offering a wealth of features, data and analytics.

When armed with this information, you can optimise all aspects of your content marketing and ensure your visitors are transformed into regular readers and ultimately, paying customers.

Whether it’s on a blog, an email drip campaign or another tactic, HubSpot has your content marketing covered.



 When you’ve got money sitting in the bank and growth targets to hit, you need to remove the guesswork from your marketing. Ideally, you need to do it fast.

You need to create strategies with marketing best practices designed to hit those targets and then gather as much data as you can, to gauge the results of your efforts. If you can do that, you can manoeuvre your SaaS product in the right direction and smash those targets.

And that’s exactly what HubSpot is designed to do. It’s the ultimate SaaS marketing optimisation tool. You can also integrate Hubspot with most major CMS'. Just about the only way to make Hubspot better is to have it operated by a team of savvy individuals with many years of experience in turbocharging this powerful tool to scale SaaS businesses even faster.

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