Take your buyers on a journey: Team ABM with programmatic advertising

The future of startup marketing is targeting specific accounts with personalised messages that nurture them through the buyer’s journey – but bringing such a laser-like strategy to life can prove challenging for time- and resource-strapped business owners.

Programmatic advertising is nothing new, of course. Businesses have been using machines and algorithms to purchase display space for years. But the inception of Account Based Marketing (ABM) has enabled marketers to ensure the content they’re automatically serving up tells a story and has meaning for individual buyers.

So, instead of just being hit by a series of generic content to drive awareness of a business, prospects are exposed to more detailed information about a product or brand, concluding with an ad that’s meant to close the deal.

Research from Dun & Bradstreet found that 48% of B2B marketers already had this type of ad personalisation in place, while a further 38% said they were planning to get on board with it in the next 12-24 months.

Laying the Foundations for Account-Based Success

However, as eMarketer points out, there’s a lot of groundwork that needs to be done first before programmatic and ABM can begin working in harmony.



First things first, some research into the specific accounts – the similarities and differences, so that the messages can be targeted accordingly – will need to be undertaken.

And, although startups may not have dedicated sales and marketing teams, it’s important that the efforts of each are coordinated, explained eMarketer analyst Jillian Ryan.

“There needs to be continuity and orchestration between the advertising strategy and all other channels in order to nurture accounts through the buyer's journey in a strategic way,” she said.


Preventing Mixed Messages

A lack of co-ordination could result in buyers receiving mixed messages. But orchestrating account interactions and running plays was one of the top three challenges B2B marketers faced in their ABM efforts, as 2018 research from Engagio revealed.

Are you ready to start the journey towards more relevant content, served up to target accounts? The results and ROI at the end of it make it a trip well worth taking, but it’s not without its challenges along the way.


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