Top Benefits of Hiring a B2B SEO Agency in 2023

In the digital era, there are buyers in every niche using Google and other search engines to look for solutions and services just like yours. Search engine optimisation, or simply SEO for short, is the process of increasing the visibility of your website and other online resources in the search engine rankings. The more visibility your site has, the greater the chance of attracting relevant prospects at a local, national, or global level.


However, search engine optimisation is a continuous process that demands many hours of research, close monitoring, and upkeep.

Why you should consider using an SEO agency

SEO success typically hinges on performing and optimising a number of tasks, which may include the following:

  • Keyword research for an SEO strategy that aligns with your business objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Optimising content and keyword density for digital assets.
  • Customising metadata.
  • Optimising internal links.
  • Modifying your website to improve SEO performance.
  • Adjusting marketing strategies in line with unstructured and structured data analysis.
  • Monitoring for SEO performance issues.

The range of SEO strategies that you implement will also depend on the nature of your business. For example direct to consumer enterprises will have different strategic and technical SEO requirements than organisations in the business to business or B2B arena.

b2b SEO vs B2C SEO

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Developing and implementing SEO strategies within each broad business category also draws up specific issues. For instance B2B SEO implementation typically presents a number of challenges.

b2b SEO marketing challenges

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Rather than meeting all of these complex issues head on, organisations can outsource their search engine optimisation needs to a B2B SEO agency.

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How using a B2B SEO agency benefits the enterprise

For business to business organisations, using a B2B SEO agency confers a number of advantages, which include the following.

Professional SEO services save you time

 As we have observed, an SEO strategy is a complex and time-intensive undertaking that involves many moving parts. By engaging with an agency that provides professional SEO services, you’ll gain the assistance of experts who specialise in completely managing a search marketing strategy on your behalf. As such, by using a B2B SEO agency, your organisation won’t have to worry about fitting search marketing strategies into an already busy timetable. 

Using an SEO agency can save you money

Maintaining an in-house store of SEO talent and technology requires a significant investment in human resources, equipment, and software. This is money that could be more cost-effectively spent by hiring an SEO agency – an investment that can be more than justified by the resulting gains in sales and revenue that professional SEO services can generate.

In addition, the gains in brand recognition and customer loyalty that B2B SEO marketing strategies can produce could save the money you might otherwise spend on paid ads, pay per click (PPC), and other promotional avenues.


An SEO agency provides specialist expertise and experience

In addition to search engine optimisation professionals, a B2B SEO agency can provide access to a range of marketing expertise including data scientists, web developers, content producers, etc. A good SEO agency will also have experience of working with many different clients and industries, and have a solid understanding of what marketing and SEO strategies work the best. 

With this talent and experience, an SEO agency can effectively tailor customised SEO strategies for B2B SEO in whatever niche your organisation operates within.

Professional B2B SEO services help increase sales and revenue

Research by BrightEdge suggests that qualified leads from SEO have a close rate of over 14%, and are eight times more likely to close than leads from outbound marketing strategies. With professional SEO services constantly working on your website and digital assets, a B2B SEO agency can assure you of sustainable search engine optimization strategies that drive sales and revenue. 

B2B SEO services can keep you abreast of the latest trends

SEO strategies need to change and adapt to the latest market conditions and customer preferences. A professional SEO agency will dedicate time and talent to researching and monitoring the latest trends and algorithm changes, to optimise your SEO efforts. SEO agency experts will also be able to help your brand avoid any potential pitfalls in your SEO strategy that could lead to search penalties, spam labelling, and other negative repercussions.

A B2B SEO agency can provide valuable business data and insights

In addition to specific SEO services, a B2B SEO agency can also provide your organisation with access to valuable market and business data -- and provide the analytics and insight needed to convert this information into actions and marketing strategies that will help grow and sustain your business.

For example, SEO agency insights can help you better define your target audience and use keyword research tools to align your keyword strategy with those ideal customers.

All of these SEO agency benefits hinge on your partnering with a marketing agency that can provide the B2B SEO services that you need, along with a data-driven and results-oriented approach that maximises your SEO efforts and carries over into all your marketing strategies.

Here at Incisive Edge, we know that the effectiveness of your marketing comes down to whether your company can be found online by the right prospects. We use a simple formula to attract more of the right type of prospects to your website and increase your lead quality – so that your business can enjoy more sales conversations and conversions.

We’ll operate as an extension of your marketing and sales team. With your very own qualified data scientist creating your high performance SEO strategy, you can attract more visitors, nurture and engage them with your content, increase your pipeline and convert more sales.

To learn more about how Incisive Edge can maximise your B2B SEO marketing efforts, get in touch with us.



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