6 Essential Elements for Eye Catching B2B Website Designs

Why is B2B website design important?

It’s now accepted wisdom that the majority (89%, according to Google) of potential customers in the business to business or B2B market gather information about prospective buys through the internet  Online search facilities and digital technology are also making it easier for prospective customers to compare and choose between alternatives.



What this means in practice is that, if buyers from other businesses cannot instantly identify what your B2B website or online content has to offer to them, they will simply move on to someone else’s B2B website. This situation is made worse by the sheer number of websites and online resources created by other businesses in the B2B arena.

In this light, how can you ensure that your B2B website design is eye catching and relevant enough to stand out from the crowd? And how can you be sure that your digital marketing content effectively communicates your brand message and value proposition, while being memorable and relevant enough to catch the eyes of discerning B2B consumers?

6 essential elements to know to make a good web design

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It’s a daunting task. However, here are six web design elements essential to B2B website designs that meet all of these requirements:

1. Visual design elements consistent with your brand

A key factor in distinguishing your company from other businesses in the B2B space is effective brand positioning – that is, clearly identifying and communicating your company's purpose, and what value your products or services can deliver to prospective customers.

The best brands combine their brand positioning, company website and digital marketing execution to build an emotional connection with consumers, and create a smooth customer experience with their target audience.

In terms of B2B web design, brand positioning goes hand in hand with visual consistency. This is especially true in a digital marketing environment in which customers may interact with your company online via desktop or mobile devices, and offline at physical outlets, trade fairs, and other omnichannel avenues. 

 At each point, your brand presence must be capable of communicating both your value proposition and creating an association in the minds of customers that enables them to instantly identify your company.

For B2B website designs, this means use of a consistent colour scheme, and web design elements such as fonts or buttons. At the same time, your B2B website must communicate a clear message in line with your brand promise and value proposition.

This B2B website design from Aston Currency Management is a great example:

Aston currency management B2B website design

2. Lots of white space

The customer journey for B2B buyers can be long and complex enough in itself, without your website design adding to its complexity. A B2B website that uses a minimalist design can help to provide a user friendly and stress-free experience to website visitors.

Perhaps the most important of minimalist design elements is the use of white space. Leaving gaps between blocks of visual content is a great way to draw attention to them in turn, and focus the attention of site visitors on the clear message you have to communicate in each block.


This approach is also an aid to site navigation. You can use white space to effectively guide website visitors through your B2B website, as they proceed along their customer journey.

Here’s an excellent example from Forethought, of how white space can contribute to both site clarity and website navigation:

How the company Forethought uses white space for clarity and web navigation

[Image source: BlendB2B]

3. Content relevant to your target audience

Quality content such as blogs, eBooks, white papers, or free downloads can play an integral part in your digital marketing strategy, by communicating in engaging and relevant terms how the products or services your company offers can provide value and assistance to customers.

Make sure you provide clear mechanisms for gaining access to these resources – and provide clear and consistent visual web design elements (text boxes, download link buttons, etc.) to highlight them.

4. A clear call to action

Your B2B website design ultimately has a purpose – whether that be to generate leads, guide customers to a landing page, or whatever. In web design terms, this purpose requires a clear call to action, with a prominent and compelling call to action button to serve as a visual cue for site visitors.

5. The things which make your company 'you'

B2B website designs act as a digital facade to the online structure of your company. To help in communicating your value proposition and in establishing customer relationships, it is therefore important that among your website design elements is a section telling website visitors about your company -- including your mission, brand promise, value proposition, and any partnerships or technologies that make it possible for you to deliver exciting products and beautifully designed services to your customers.

6. Clear instructions on how to contact you

To help generate leads and nurture customer relationships, your B2B website design should also include clear instructions on how to get in touch with your company. This applies to matters such as technical support, follow-up on purchases, and accessing general information.

Summing Up

Simplicity and clarity are key principles in good B2B website design. Employing both ideas on a B2B website enables your business to communicate the value proposition of your brand to prospective customers while using minimalist design elements, visual cues, and white space to create a seamless and user friendly experience for your site visitors.

Having a deep understanding of what your business has to offer, and the value that your brand promises and delivers to your target audience puts your company in a position to create a B2B website on which site visitors can instantly identify the benefits they can expect to receive from the exciting products and services you provide.

Here at Incisive Edge, we understand all of this – and we can help.

As a business to business brand positioning agency, we will draw out the things which make your company unique, and pivot towards the most important areas for you as we understand your business – deeply. We will craft a value proposition that emphasises why you are unique and the value you provide your target audience.

If you’d like to learn more about how Incisive Edge can assist in your B2B website design and digital marketing, get in touch with us.




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