5 Great Fintech Startups With an Impeccable Digital Strategy

For decades, FinTech companies have been pioneers in the finance industry, challenging the conventional methods of traditional banks and financial institutions. Only in recent years have they truly flourished by embracing cutting-edge digital strategy. They harness the potential of digital technology to drive their operations and spearhead the essential digital transformation, all while skilfully implementing content marketing strategies.

Like any industry, the FinTech sector is able to utilise the inbound marketing methodology to draw attention to their products and attract strangers. Utilising a combination of their financial data and marketing data to make relevant decisions.

Through reading, watching, and listening to educational and entertaining content, these strangers become better informed about the world of FinTech, now understand risk management, and feel equipped to make independent decisions about the FinTech products that they want in their lives.

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Informed customers are happy customers, and happy customers are the ones that will keep coming back to you.

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Remember the old adage, “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”?

An inbound marketer would teach him to fish, then recommend some great fishing spots, provide diagrams for making his own lures, share stories about the biggest fish ever caught, and, well, you get the picture. They'd also guide him in developing a winning digital strategy, employing digital platforms to reach a broader audience, and establishing a digital loyalty program to engage and retain customers.

That fisherman now trusts you as an expert on all things fishing and will not only always come to you for new rods and bait but will tell everyone he knows that your business is the only one worth going to.

Because you understand him and his needs.

This intuitive approach to digital marketing campaigns is infinitely more effective than the aggressive advertising and sales techniques that were favoured in years gone by.

There’s nothing more off-putting than being told what to spend your hard-earned cash on.

These exact same methods are now being applied to FinTech and are having incredible results.

It’s simple really - combining ground-breaking products with intelligent digital marketing plan will lead to a seriously successful business. Here are five Go To Market Strategy Examples.

Today, we will look into the top fintech startups. Five companies that have awesome digital marketing tactics prove it.

1. CoinBase

CoinBase is a Bitcoin and Ether wallet.

Digital Marketing Strategy Example : Coinbase

This essentially means that it's a platform for buying, selling, and using digital currency anywhere in the world. You can also transfer money using their mobile payment app, and CoinBase actively manages transformation within its services. For new users, CoinBase helpfully provides links to explanations of what Bitcoin and Ether are and how they are used, along with information on their digital loyalty programs.

What CoinBase does brilliantly is provide an arena for current and potential customers to discuss their products, online marketplace, developments in digital currency and provide feedback.

Digital Marketing Strategy Examples 2: Coinbase forum

The forums are buzzing with activity, boasting CoinBase staff readily available to address customer queries in real-time, a hurdle that many early-stage fintech startups encountered during their inception. The fintech industry can appear complex to many. Offering online financial advisors could be the deciding factor between a transaction with your company or another. Essentially, they have fostered a community with their product at its core, driven by innovative digital strategies, a thriving digital economy, and evolving business models.

This is a great example of helpful content working with awesome customer service to provide CoinBase users with a truly delightful experience.

In addition to this community, CoinBase also run a blog which they use to share updates and clarify aspects of their product.

2. TransferWise

Transferwise is a service that allows users to send money abroad without being charged the excess fees that banks usually tack onto international transfers. Their offering is not focused on digital banking services, but they most definitely have a spot among the top fintech companies when it comes to their digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy Example 3 : TransferWise homepage

There’s a lot happening on TransferWise’s homepage and every bit of it is adding value to the customer.

By pointing out that they’re associated with Richard Branson and Skype, they’re increasing trust in their service and their brand. They also prominently display their number of reviews and their Trust Pilot rating (and rightly so, that’s a stellar score!)

Attached to the bottom of the window, TransferWise have a feedback box and an option for a Live Chat, demonstrating that they’re ready to provide great customer service.

But where TransferWise really shine is in their social media feeds.

Digital Marketing Strategy Example 4: TransferWise Facebook page

They have a massive number of followers on both Facebook and Twitter, and they’re very active posters. They are also fantastic at responding to commenters and keeping their fans engaged with important and entertaining campaigns.

Their most recent campaign, #StopHiddenFees, has grown into a huge event which included a march on parliament and the development of a landing page linked to their website.

The URL has been prominently displayed on signs and even on the side of a lorry, undoubtedly attracting a significant amount of traffic to their site. Furthermore, they uphold a finance blog providing guidance on various financial topics like financial management, selecting the best bank account, and insights on personal loans. This comprehensive approach aligns seamlessly with their commitment to a successful digital strategy, integrating the latest digital technologies and steering ongoing digital initiatives.

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3. Xero

Xero is a company providing accounting software targeted mainly at small businesses with a cash flow that reflects that.

The software itself is developed with the user experience in mind and is focused on creating an intuitive system that lays out data in a visually appealing and easy-to-read way. The data being showcased can be publicly available consumer data if that's what the companies need.

Digital Marketing Example 5:Xero homepage

Xero have a huge number of resources to help new customers get to grips with their product. One of the most compelling is the videos & guides section, or Xero TV.

Xero TV

It’s broken up into five sections, three of which are shown in the screen capture above.

  • Xero 101, which is all about getting the software set up
  • How-to, which are video walkthroughs of how to use Xero
  • Case Studies, which are examples of how small businesses have used Xero in the past
  • Updates, which demonstrate changes to the product
  • And Team Xero, which are profiles of staff members and behind the scenes footage of the Xero office and events

They’re colour-coded so users know at a glance exactly what they’re about to watch, and cover every subject relating to Xero and small business accounting that you could think of.

Video content isn’t easy or quick to produce but it’s enormously helpful to users.

There’s plenty of stats to back up the effectiveness of using video in your marketing strategy.

Adelie Studios recently conducted a study and found that companies using video experience 41% more web traffic from search than those who don’t. They also found that these businesses grow company revenue 49% faster, so it’s no wonder that Xero is doing such a brilliant job at expanding their company and customer base.

4. eToro

eToro is “a social trading and investing company that allows its users to watch the financial trading activity of other users, copy them, and to make their own trades.”

Digital Marketing Example 6: eToro homepage

If you’re a West Ham United fan, you might just recognise eToro as one of their official partners.

eToro are awesome at hosting events and their live webinars are really popular. They have a stack of them available on their site which take users through the ins and outs of online trading and helps them master the eToro platform.

Digital Marketing Strategy Example 7 :etoro webinar

Their webinars are produced by an expert filming their own screen as they take viewers through the intricacies of the software.

It’s easy to understand and follow along with the steps, meaning that customers feel much more comfortable when the time comes to do it for themselves.

As you've already read, well-made video content is a valuable resource for any digital business. Manage priority initiatives, and understand the competitive environment. A live webinar is an evolution of that. Once the video has been created, it can be archived and accessed by customers for years to come.

5. Vox Markets

Vox Markets is a niche and exclusive social network for people interested in stocks and market related news.

Digital Marketing Strategy Example 8:Vox Markets homepage

Vox features

The majority of their content is inaccessible to non-members, but their excellent selection of hundreds of informative podcasts can be downloaded from iTunes.

Podcasts might seem like an unusual choice for a FinTech marketing strategy, but Vox Markets has really managed to nail it, defying the odds with their short and insightful content. This approach proves enormously valuable to their customers, especially in the context of lagging same store sales and digital businesses.

David Burton, director at Vox Markets, explained to us that the company uses podcasts because they are able to engage a much wider audience than they could otherwise access.

“Our Vox Markets Podcast regularly achieves around 2500 downloads a day, and we are in the top 10 most listened to financial podcasts according to iTunes.”

The format is kept pretty simple. Vox Markets will invite a company over to discuss their newsflow and they’ll then take questions from the audience.

This is a win - win - win situation. The company gets some great exposure, the audience gets lots of educational content, and Vox Markets gets to cement their position as an industry leader.

Lots of listeners leave reviews explaining that they download the podcasts to listen to during their commute and end up feeling inspired for the rest of the day.

And where do you think they go after that?

You guessed it.

Straight back to Vox Markets to connect with other investors.

This is a brilliant way of drawing in traffic through your content, and is a technique that all FinTech startups should strive to understand and imitate.

So now you’ve heard about all the standout marketing techniques from these FinTech startups, it’s time to get started on your own, and build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Like Gregory Weber, Market analyst at PwC Luxembourg says, “The future of financial services is bright.”

Be a part of it.

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