How to Choose the Right Web Design B2B Agency for Your Business

In the business to business or B2B market, a company’s purpose is to promote and sell its products or services to a target audience of decision makers who are charged with making purchases for other businesses. These potential customers will do the bulk of their research (including product and price comparisons) online. With so many competitors in the B2B space, web design and the delivery of a clear message communicating a brand’s value proposition can be critical factors in differentiating one B2B website from another.


A recent survey by Top Design Firms of 500 B2B customers reveals that 50% believe that B2B website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand. However, a study has shown that 24% of small retail businesses don’t have a B2B website, because they simply do not know how to create or run one.

This emphasises the need for business organisations in the B2B sector to seek professional help in designing and maintaining great websites that generate quality leads and convert visitors organically from leads to actual buyers and loyal customers.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a B2B web design agency that can understand the unique challenges your business faces, and produce a beautifully designed B2B website that meets those challenges.

Responsive web design

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Choose a B2B Web Design Agency that Can Visually Communicate Your Brand Identity

The B2B web design team should be capable of producing a B2B website that has a visual impact on site visitors while enabling customers to instantly identify how your value proposition and product or service offerings meet the needs of your target audience. 

In the current web design climate, this means a B2B website with a minimalist design that makes judicious use of colour, white space, calls to action, and text that delivers a clear message. Note that Top Design Firms research suggests that 39% of B2B customers appreciate colour more than any other component of a B2B website design. However, these colours should be carefully selected to align with your company’s products, services, and target audience. The Blake Envelopes website is a great example.

Blake Envelopes website

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In terms of visual elements, 40% of customers value images, 39% value colour, and 21%  value video content on a B2B website.

Percentage of customers that value images (40%), colour (39%), and content (21%)

[Image source: Top Design Firms]

Insist on Responsive Web Design

Top Design Firms research also indicates that 42% of people will leave a B2B website because of poor functionality. GoodFirms research confirms that 73.1% of web designers believe a non-responsive design is a top reason why visitors leave a website. B2B websites also need to be responsive across a range of media. Your B2B web design agency should therefore be capable of crafting websites that work equally well on desktop systems and mobile devices.

Top reasons for a visitor to leave a website

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Establish Clear Lines of Communication

 From the outset, you should insist on working with a web design agency that provides personal points of contact throughout the budget, planning, architecture, deployment, and monitoring phases of your B2B website project.


You can search review websites, seek customer reviews and testimonials, to perform due diligence in assessing the work ethic and “personal touch” of a B2B web design agency you are considering.

Pick a B2B Website Design Agency that Can Monitor Your Success

Great websites don’t just happen. A great deal of thought and analysis must first go into the web design, the provision of relevant content, and the creation of mechanisms for converting visitors first into quality leads, then into buyers, and ultimately into loyal customers and brand advocates.

Your B2B website design is also not static. Over time, it will require tweaking and amendment to make it more visually appealing, to include references to new products or services, and to keep your B2B website aligned with the latest trends in web design. 

Continually monitoring how your B2B website performs is critical to all of this. We have already observed that 73.1% of web designers are of the opinion that a non-responsive design is a top reason why visitors leave a B2B website. Other factors to consider include how quickly pages load, whether those pages give a clear message that communicates the company's purpose, and whether pages enable visitors to instantly identify what they’re looking for, or how the value proposition of a brand speaks to their particular needs.

A good B2B website design agency will provide tools to help grade the functionality and speed of your B2B website. Incisive Edge for example, offers a free website grader tool which looks at page speed, site performance, broken links and other important metrics. The grader generates a report on the performance of your B2B website, which is broken down by technical, search engine optimisation (SEO), mobile, and other categories. The website grader also includes recommendations for next steps.

Putting It All Together

Taking all the above factors into consideration, you should choose a web design agency for your B2B website that makes full use of the latest web design features and digital technologies to create visually appealing websites that effectively communicate a B2B company’s purpose and value proposition. Besides empowering you to showcase your products and services to target buyers from other businesses, the B2B website design they produce should provide a great user experience that helps nurture customer relationships and acts as a powerful lead generation tool for your business.

Here at Incisive Edge, our B2B website design team consists of experts, including qualified data scientists who can help you build a B2B website that performs when it comes to organic search traffic. We select performance metrics which are important to your business, and continually track performance via the users’ browser on both desktop and mobile devices. We continually stay on top of the way your B2B website performs, and produce relevant content which works for both search engine optimisation and your customers, to build momentum and achieve results to a given time line. 

To find out more about the B2B web design and monitoring services we offer, get in touch with us.




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